not overthinking

Sometimes one has to stop trying so hard to create a wow and just enjoy the process. Take a breath, let go of what's new or trendy, what's challenging, what's cutting-edge...and just do what you love. Embrace the comfort of the familiar. When you have been papercrafting for a long time, some things are just old hat and comfortable creatively.

So it is for me with a black and white color combination and a big bold cut-out flower. What's not to love, right?

I find pages about the cat so easy to do lately. I love her so much and she brings such a peaceful balance to our home. And let's face it, she photographs well. :)
I realize that the above layout is one of those fluff pieces that I am in a rut with right now...not alot of journaling, no real story, just a couple of photos and some big ol' flowers.
And some ribbon.
That big flower is by Impress Rubber Stamps now called Impress Cards and Crafts and I love it. They have recently redesigned their website and it's even more awesome than before. The flower is called Chrysanthemum Outline and you can see it here.  It has a good center (in my opinion, that's the mark of a good stamp design) if you wanna leave it as is, but it also makes a great back-up piece if you want to make your sentiment really stand out.


I started down the monochromatic road on the cards after reading a challenge at The Stamp Nation from the very marvelous Maureen, who regularly blows me away with her clean and crisp design sense.
Check her out here.

Thanks for taking a peek! Happy Stamping!

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