One Stamp Set Three Ways

When I fall for a stamp set, I fall hard. :)

I use it repeatedly for many projects...I twist it up, I turn it upside down. I print in different colors and look at it from every possible angle.

I like to really get to know it and all it can do.

With that in mind, I have asked a few friends to join me in a new project I'm calling *One Stamp Set Three Ways*. About every two weeks, we will all take the same Stampin' Up! stamp set and blog about three creative uses for it. Each blogger will show their three uses of the chosen stamp set.

The first stamp set to be featured is already well-known and well-loved in the Stampin' Up! universe...it's called Betsy's Blossoms.

It can be seen here on the Stampin' Up! website...

If you would like to join in the blog hop for Betsy's Blossoms...email me. Devendorf at bellsouth dot net
Keep on stampin',